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At AES, we believe our clients receive top notch professional development. But don’t just take our word for it…


Danielle R.: High School English Teacher
Again, in this course I have learned a great deal of new things and look forward to sharing them with my colleagues to help motivate them and their students. There are a ton of resources readily available to anyone willing to do the work. I mean, why anyone wouldn’t want to do something that would make it better for his students. This class has really broadened my outlook on how I do things in the workplace.

Amanda T.: Kindergarten Teacher
I believe that taking this course aided in a deeper understanding of graphic organizers and helped me to create some fun and engaging organizers to use in my classroom in the future!

Faith G.: Second Grade Teacher
This course gave me so much to think about and so much material that I can actually use in my classroom for this upcoming year.

Meredith C.: High School Biology Teacher
I would like to begin by quickly stating that I am very pleased that I chose to enroll in this course. In the short span of a month-and-a-half I feel like I have acquired an even deeper pool of knowledge about differentiated instruction, what it is and is not, and how to effectively incorporate differentiated instruction practices into the classroom environment. At the beginning of this course I had a pretty good working understanding about differentiated instruction, but I was more curious about specific methodologies and tools to implement this practice in the classroom. After taking this course I feel like I have acquired a working toolkit of ideas that I can use to help facilitate learning for all students. Thank you for bolstering my arsenal!

Nicole F.: Sixth Grade Teacher
Overall, I found this course to be very informative. I never knew there were so many things to consider when creating a rubric. I appreciate that this course helped me to identify the flaws in the rubrics I have used in the past and also provided constructive tips for improving them. In my opinion, the best aspect of this course is that the information I learned can immediately be implemented in my classroom. It has relevancy to what I am doing in my classroom, and it provided tips, ideas, and resources that will save me time and enhance the quality of my instruction.

Sharon F.: Kindergarten Teacher
I just wanted to take this opportunity to let you know how the information I acquired this summer has impacted this school year. (I took the classroom behavioral management class from June through the middle of July) In a word–it’s nothing short of a miracle! I completely revamped my set of rules and have been working on them constantly. My children are paired up with “buddies” from 6th grade. The buddies are helping my children draw pictures for the rules, which I will have made into a book for each student. I reorganized the setup of my classroom and have implemented the discipline policy that I outlined in my final project. When a child is not conforming to the rules, other students are reminding them of what is expected. I’ve tried to be as consistent as possible and have gone to the guidance counselor for advice. It’s not a perfect classroom, but I sure feel so much better about how things are progressing! The principal has also noticed a tremendous change in the climate of the classroom.

I just had to share this with you! I hope I haven’t taken up too much of your time. Again, many, many thanks!

Heather G.: Middle School Learning Support Teacher
Overall, I really enjoyed every aspect of this course and learned so much more about rubrics. I thought this course presented the given information in a way that was easy to understand and provided many examples. I thought each section was well presented and allowed me to really understand and feel comfortable with rubrics again. For so long, I looked at rubrics as a time consuming venture that I just did not want to take or had time to spend on. However, after completing this course, I have a better understanding of what makes a well-developed rubric with validity and reliability. I have a better understanding of how to get my students involved in the creation of their own rubrics and how to properly use the ones they are given to lead to better success and a higher level of learning. I am so grateful for the offering of this course and will be sure to recommend this course to my fellow teachers.


Keith H.: 12th grade English Teacher
After reflecting on my experience in the course, Classroom Instruction that Works, I conclude that I have experienced a positive, reflective, and insightful class that not only exposed students to new material but built upon their existing knowledge. Each teaching strategy was effectively introduced, discussed on a personal level in a student forum. This step was most impressive. As a traditional educator in high school, I sometimes stand out as being somewhat dated, but not in this class. Opinions in the forum regarding teaching strategies and philosophy were handled with respect through the examination and acceptance of different philosophies. Everyone could voice an opinion about the effectiveness of a strategy without being coerced by another classmate or the instructor. Instead, we learned from each other and built upon our own strengths to become better teachers through open dialogue with our peers and the instructor. The assignments that we created were in line with the teaching strategy and gave us all a chance to illustrate our craft to the instructor and sometimes to the other students where we could voice our ideas and also compliments. The instructor provided the students with a comfortable balance between theory and authentic learning. The course is truly an asset to any educator Kindergarten-12th Grade.

Rachael L.: High School Emotional Support Interventionist
Classroom Management for Students with EBD (Emotional and Behavioral Disorders) with Charlene Nicholson was an excellent class. As an Emotional Support Interventionist working with primarily Emotional Support students, this class provided outstanding resources to increase insight, knowledge, and behavior modification. This class is perfect for anyone who has students that demonstrate undesirable behavior. The forum discussions are designed to help create networking and share personal accounts of classroom experiences. One will exit this course with a full toolbox for classroom management and insight to students with EBD.

Shelle: Pre-K Counts/Head Start Teacher
I would like to express my gratitude for this opportunity to work on my level II certification in this forum. I enjoy working with other teachers from across the state. It is great to be able to work at my own pace and learn in this way.

Troy B.: Health and Physical Education Teacher that travels to different school districts, county jails, and detention centers
Through this course I was able to learn many positive strategies to improve my interactions with the students in the incarcerated youth program. Prior to this class, I felt very limited in what I could do with my students because of the setting in which I work. However, I’ve learned that even in a jail setting, I can implement the strategies I learned in this class

Cherilyn C.: 7th grade Language Arts Teacher
Taking this course truly added a great deal of careful, research-based zest into my classroom. I appreciated the breakdown of the course, which allowed me to add new instructional strategies based on sound educational research, incrementally. This allowed me to reflect on which new instructional strategies worked and which needed more development. I appreciated learning from my peers and gaining new perspectives from other educators. I was thankful throughout the course for the positive and confidence-boosting feedback from the instructor.

Olivia L.: High School Mathematics
When I registered for this class (Specific Strategies for the Most Difficult to Manage Students), I was not having any (major) discipline problems within any of my classes. I just figured it would not and could not hurt to learn about/acquire other strategies/methods that may be helpful in the future. After completing the class I can say that my expectations were exceeded. Not only was I able to share a few new strategies, but taking the course also gave me the opportunity to reflect upon the current/past strategies I have used. In doing so, I truly believe that I am more equipped to handle a wide variety of disciplinary situations.

Renae B.: 8th & 10th Grade Language Arts
Differentiated Instruction is one of the “buzzwords” in education today. Agolino Educational Services has developed a course, “Differentiated Instruction in the Mixed Ability Classroom,” to aid teachers in growing their repertoire of ideas and plans. As a veteran teacher, I discovered a plethora of ideas to add to my units, including revamping some of the activities that I already use. Anyone can benefit from a new idea or two especially in the day and age of high stakes testing! This course offers various ideas, templates, examples, and lessons to help you create items like choice boards, menus, and tic-tac-toe boards, as well as smaller scale ideas for activities such as grouping. I think that the course is designed with a busy classroom teacher in mind. The set up allows teachers to select which topic to begin with and in what order to submit assignments. It’s definitely worth taking to upgrade your current classroom climate!

Drew: 12th Grade Economics
I have benefited from taking the Agolino classes greatly. They have filled in gaps where traditional professional development courses have fallen short. Since taking classes with Joe and Jen, my lessons have become more engaging and I have become better at meeting the needs of my students. Anyone looking to stay current with educational practices should enroll in classes taught by Joe and Jen Agolino.

Scott: Health and Physical Education- K-4
Seventeen classes and counting! Taking classes with Jen and Joe Agolino has be an absolutely rewarding experience. Their classes are always thought provoking and it’s evident that the Agolino’s feel passionate about improving student learning. They are able to uniquely tailor the class to fit your individual needs. As a PE teacher I have felt that other classes were not really for me, but Jen and Joe were always able to demonstrate how the topics relate to me and all teachers. I would recommend an Agolino class to any teacher!

Alison: 10th-12th Grade Learning Support
After being in classes with Jen or Joe, I feel that I walk away with information that is both practical and applicable to my classroom. Joe and Jen are both diverse, but each is a wealth of knowledge with their own little flair. I find that I can learn from their experiences and am eager to try many of the strategies we learn in my own classroom. I find myself really enjoying their classes and I like to let others know about them as well because not only will they enjoy them but they will also walk away with a lot strategies, practice and skills for our current and ever changing classroom.

Jamile: 3rd & 4th Learning Support
Their classes are always thoroughly thought out, timely in content, and tailored to the students in the course. I enjoy the class format and their teaching styles. They offer class discussion and time for interpersonal connections with how we as educators approach the topics taught in the course. The feedback I receive from Jen and Joe is always specific and causes me to reflect on my experiences with the instructional topic, or offers a new approach to the strategies or techniques I implement routinely. I always come away from their courses with a wealth of knowledge, resources, and artifacts I can immediately use in my current teaching situation and/or share with other colleagues. Jen and Joe demonstrate a willingness to go beyond the scope of the class format or syllabus in order to make the class meaningful to me personally. I appreciate all of their hard work, suggestions, and resources and use them far beyond the weeks I am attending the class. I highly recommend their classes to any educator seeking to gain very factual, timely, and relevant information and resources to enhance their current teaching situation.

Amy: Secondary Special Education
I’ve taken at least 15 courses by Jen and Joe and highly recommend them! The courses they offer are practical and relevant to ALL grade levels and content areas. Joe and Jen are extremely knowledgeable in all areas of education and share their expertise throughout their courses. The assignments and class activities are designed for teachers of all grades and content areas. The presentations and class discussions are enlightening and thought provoking. I enjoy hearing viewpoints and opinions from educators in other districts, grade levels, and content areas. Too often we get stuck in a “vacuum” and fail to modify our ways of teaching or try new things until we collaborate with other educators and gain some inspiration. I always walk away from Joe & Jen’s courses with a plentiful amount of resources and ideas to use with my students!

Maria: 3rd Grade Teacher
I have taken several classes from Agolino Education and plan to take more in the future. The classes are extremely informative and beneficial. The projects and assignments are clearly defined and practical for use in the classroom. I would recommend taking classes from Joe and Jen to anyone who is passionate about teaching. I’m very pleased that their classes are now available on-line.

Renee: 5th Grade Special Education Teacher & Instructional Support Teacher
I have taken over 50 post graduate credits with Joe and Jen Agolino over the last few years. They offer classes with a wide variety of subjects relevant and imperative to today’s teachers. As a Special Education teacher, I have always found Joe and Jen’s courses helpful in promoting the needs and fostering the educational development of even the most diverse learners. These classes will provide you with an in-depth study and analysis of core topics, while doing so in a relaxed and informal atmosphere. I would highly recommend any of their courses.